[AIT2] Yellowboy Validator

Hey Aptos people! My name is Oleksii, I’m from Ukraine, 37. I’ve been around crypto space since 2016 and have some experience in running nodes. I participated in a few testnets, but my key achievements are:

  • becoming Genesis founding member in Mina protocol and receiving a foundation delegation for showing 100% uptime as a block producer (validator)
  • running XX network node on a dedicated server with GPU
    I’m participating as an individual. Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian and un poco Español :smile:
    Discord: alektronic#1412 Twitter: @koyeff Telegram: @yellowb0y
    I’m using bare metal on OVH (RISE-3) and Hetzner (AX line) and I have my own home server if necessary (for true decentralization :smile: )
    Hope to stay here for some time!