[AIT2] YEFU Community

My name is Evgeny. I am from Russia, but I have lived in China for 13 years, and I am closely connected with this country. I am engaged in international transportation, between Russia and China. I started dealing with cryptocurrency back in 2017, I was always lost in new technologies, it was very interesting. On my way I participated in many projects, such as SKALE (ambassador, translator) MOONBEAM (ambassador) THEGRAPH (curator), CLOVER (node runner), CERTICK (node runner), MINA (node runner, prism grand winner) COVALENT (ambassador, , translator) And many others
Always be on the lookout for If necessary, I have experience as a translator, content creator, my own channel on Medium, I participated in test networks and hackathons, besides, I am also a bit of a designer and do pretty good artwork for various projects, I could work on creating NFT. This is a great project for the future with a strong team, transparent, planned and project roadmap. I want to be involved from the beginning to help develop it. With best wishes, I look forward to hearing from you.

I want to participate in the Aptos Incentivized Testnet , because it is interesting to know what will be inside the project, and, of course, to fight for the victory!I want to develop, learn and learn something new
I want to get interesting impressions, new skills and knowledge, as well as interesting acquaintances, spend my time usefully. Aptos is trying to bring many useful tools to the crypto world that will work and bring value. There is also a strong team and community.The most important thing is to benefit the project and the community.



Amazing art works!!!