[AIT2] yarmoscow validator

Hello, community!

My name is Yaroslav.
I have years of experience in IT as a system engineer, DevOps and department head.
I am a crypto enthusiast, love technologies, web, Python and Linux.
I also have experience in hosting nodes of other projects, such as IronFish, StarkNet and others.
I believe in the great future of the Aptos project.

I’m from Russia. Russian and English languages.
Communications channel: telegram @yarushka

The node is hosted on my Xeon 1230v3 server in a Tier-3 data center, using VMWare ESXi as virtualization platform.

I wish you good luck in the project!


Cool experience! good luck!!

Good luck to you and have a nice day!

Спасибо за поддержку! Удачи!