[AIT2] XXXGotos

Hello everyone
My experince in cryptocurrency field - 4 years
I had the honor of mining Ethereum and Bitcoin. And I continue to use these networks to perpetuate the glory of the founders.
But it is impossible to stand still, so I do not get tired of studying altcoins and everything related to them.
I am interested in WEB3.0, DeFi and Metaverse. But since I work as a system administrator, I was able to find my happiness in the operation of nodes.
BTW Why pick my validator?
I have been involved in projects such as Torchain, Agoric, Solana, Kira Network, Bit.Country, ZietGeist, SubQuery, Anoma, Forta, Masa. Also I’m familiar with setting up complex dashboards with lots of metrics. I often use these skills to keep an eye on the state of my nodes. I also realized that I needed developer skills to grow. I’m on my way to learning Python and Solidity.
I offer the team and the community my time, technical skills and enthusiasm.

My name is Vlad or Vladyslav (as you wish). Based in Ukraine.
Speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.
My GitHub alexongotos (alexongotoss) · GitHub
My Discord alexongotos#9969
I try to take part in discussions and help participants on the Discord server.

I contain vps with the specifications from the official documentation. If necessary, ready to increase rates and move to vds.

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I like this application