[AIT2] Xuka-from FPT

I’m a Software Developer from 2010 for FPT (Các bạn ủng hộ mình nhé!) , a biggest IT company in Vietnam. I have joined the blockchain from 2016. I have run Starknet Node, Sui Node, Forta Node, SubQuery Node, and Nym Node, Manta node, Masa Node. (Người Việt Nam ủng hộ nhau nhé các bạn)
I live in Vietnam and work for FPT, https://www.fpt-software.com/, my launguage English.
I 'm a Python specialist from 2010, and I have studied Rust since 2020.


Hi Sir, mình xxx rồi, lại mình nhé

Have a good luck in joining AIT2 the same as studying Rust :wink:

Love to see FPT Dev joining this space. go go

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