[AIT2] whjjk1189 Validator

大家好,我是whjjk1189,是一名有两年多工作经验的节点验证员,对多种编程语言Python、Java和Move有过接触,搭建了很多节点,比如Massa、Archway、Starknet、Paloma Chain、Subspace,感谢您让我有机会体验 Aptos,这是一个美好而有前途的项目,请大家给我投 票,谢谢

Hello everyone, my name is whjjk1189. I am a node validator with more than two years of work experience. I have contact with multiple programming languages ​​Python, Java and Move, and have built many nodes, such as Massa, Archway, Starknet, Paloma Chain, Subspace, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience Aptos, it’s a beautiful and promising project, please vote for me, thank you

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