[AIT2] vladylimes

Hi, my name is Vlady! I’m a fan of web3 technology. I have been working with blockchain in every way since 2019. I am currently a validator for networks like Polkadot and Cosmos.

More than 10 Mainnet validators at the moment are constantly and qualitatively maintained by me and my team + 12 testnet validators. I’m a member of the PromoTeam team, which has been promoting and consulting since 2020. Our audience is over 60k people on Twitter. And 5k on telegram. I would love to be an Aptos validator. My team is ready to participate in project support and development.

Twitter: @vladylimes

We have access to the best dedicated servers, from various providers in different countries.
monitoring/alerting - grafana + bash spirits to restart in case of crash.

Contact :
Telegram: @vladylimes
Discort: Vlady Limes#3997