[AIT2] Vladimir Validator St.Petersburg

Hello community! My name is Vladimir, I’m from Russia, St. Petersburg. I am an individual validator. I have a decent experience of system administration and communication with UNIX/Linux systems. At the moment I participate in various test networks, among them: Celestia, Gear, Starknet, Spacemesh, SUI, etc. I speak Russian and English, have high-quality infrastructure in large data centers, use both VPS/VDS and dedicated servers.
In the APTOS network I use Dedicated Server:
i9-11900 64G Ram 1TB SSD bandwidth 1G/s Server and data link is powered via UPS
I have a lot of online experience in discord and telegram, I think I have a lot of experience in order to take part in the APTOS test network. Here are my contacts:
Telegram: @easy186
Discord: VNebylov#8530

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