[AIT2] VladiatorLabs.io

Vladiator Labs is a Swiss entity operated by a small team of partners with many years of technical experience. Our founder Aaron Boyd (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronmboyd/) has over 20 years of deep tech engineering experience and has been in the blockchain space for nearly 10 years.

Vladiator Labs are experts in the Celo protocol and have produced a live block-map visualisation at https://vido.vladiatorlabs.io showing validator performance in real time. We plan to expand this tool for all new proof-of-stake networks we operate on.

We are currently operating on two other Cosmos zones in addition to Celo and will be adding Ethereum and NEAR staking soon. Vladiator Labs are also active in the governance space, with one team member acting as a steward for a community treasury in the Celo ecosystem.

We are advocates for decentralisation and founding members of the Staking Defense League charter (Twitter @StakingDefense).

We use custom monitoring tools and 24/7 alerts and a support schedule through Pager Duty which phones and notifies team members when validator degradation occurs. We are cloud based and moving to a multi-cloud hot fail-over configuration.

Our team is fully remote and located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Australia.

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Nice to see a professional outfit that also values the Ethos of Decentralization given your association with SDL.

Good luck!

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Thanks! Looking forward to being part of the aptos set

I am looking into some security points and am interested to know how you are going to manage multi-cloud failover?

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A combination of Anthos from GCP, maybe Kubefed (GitHub - kubernetes-sigs/kubefed: Kubernetes Cluster Federation)