[AIT2]vivsy9880 Validator

大家好,我是一名正在参与AIT2的节点验证者,我是中国的vivsy9880,我从小对计算机编程感兴趣,目前对Java、Python、C++和Move编程语言有所了解,在节点验证和维护方面也有经验,参与过Subspace、Sui、Pontem、Forta、kyve和StarkNet的节点验证与维护,我相信 自己是一名合格的AIT2节点验证者,请大家给我投票,谢谢

Hello everyone, I am a node validator participating in AIT2. I am vivsy9880 from China. I have been interested in computer programming since I was a child. At present, I have some understanding of Java, Python, C++ and Move programming languages. In terms of node verification and maintenance I also have experience and have participated in the node verification and maintenance of Subspace, Sui, Pontem, Forta, kyve and StarkNet. I believe that I am a qualified AIT2 node verifier. Please vote for me, thank you