[AIT2] Vitamin1945

Hello, I am a blockchain enthusiast and node validator Vitaly Golovachev from Russia. I have been in the crypto world since 2020. . I have been working with nodes for more than a year, participated in many projects such as NYM, IronFish,UMEE, SubQuery.At this stage, I am an active validator in the IronFish, KYVE project. I have experience working with nodes, updating them and helping the Discord community. I am a responsible and careful node operator. Please vote for me!

Technical characteristics
Aptos Validator server: AMD EPYC Processor 4CPU/8GB RAM, 500GB

General information: :artificial_satellite:
discord: ViTaMiN#9118
telegram: @Vitaliy_golovachev
github: @Vitamin1945
my validator name: Vitamin1945