[ait2] vinco 8755

Hi everyone!

My name is Dmitry (known as VINCO)

My skills:
Node operations for projects such as Mina Protocol, Subspace, KYVE, Subspace, Massa. I also have extensive experience in creating video content and articles (general and educational) on the topic of cryptocurrencies and not only. I also study in creating 3d art and design for websites, clothing.

My plans:
Since I have experience in creating content, I am now focused on improving the skills of stable node maintenance. I really hope to be selected for AIT 2 to prove to myself and the community that I can install a competitive and stable node.
I also plan to create content where I will share my experience and emotions during the installation and maintenance of the node for Aptos.

Here you can see the level of my work:


nice profile, voted for you.

Mina? my vote to you

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thanks guys for your comments