[AIT2] vILLIna - high performance, uptime and decentralization!

Hello team! I am a crypto-ethusist, I have been involved in crypto projects for more than 5 years. I have my own servers HP ProLiant DL360 to run projects. I am involved in more than 22 projects. Due to its good geo-location for decentralization - the APTOS project trusted me to run a validator in AIT1, my survivability in AIT1 was 100% and I am very glad that I did not let the APTOS team down. I always try to help people in the discord and telegram crypto space. Let’s build WEB3.0 together!

Technical Details: Several HP ProLiant DL360 servers (a two-socket server with two power supplies (each server power supply is connected to a separate APC SmartUPS), fast multi-core processors, enough RAM, a disk subsystem from a RAID-10 array of SSD drives, and a fast 1TB NVME drive, 2 fast white IP links (one for redundancy), APC Smart UPS backup power, air conditioning, constant equipment monitoring.
My validators are high performance, uptime and decentralization!