[AIT2] Versace1017 aka CryptoBoy Validator

Hi everybody!My name is Viktor

Im in crypto since 2018.I have a big experience in node operating

I have some channels about crypto and have a big experience in this area

Im active Aptos discord and community member from day one (and now coordinator too :innocent:). Founder of AptosRUcommunity telegram group where me and my friend & co-founder Ruslan ( @CrNepos CrNepos#3430 ) help people with node operating , translate official articles on Russian and share the latest news about the project

I have YouTube channel about crypto where I post a lot of tutorial videos about Aptos too

The latest is step by step AIT2 tutorial how to install & register validator from source code from official documentation(if you have problems with install just watch)

Languages: Russian & English
Discord: versace1017#7970
TG: Telegram: Contact @soice1017

Feel free to join our friendly community and Thanks for VOTE
Please vote for Ruslan validator too


Очень подробно рассказываешь и помогаешь людям с поднятием ноды, успехов тебе :rocket:


Спасибо за поддержку ! Жалко что у настоящих пионеров проекта очень мало голосов…надеюсь команда что-то придумает чтобы все было честно и прозрачно. Желаю и тебе успехов :dizzy:


I’m selected !!! Thanks for all who vote for me !!! This is our common victory :heart_eyes: :innocent: :mechanical_arm:

Thanks for awesome AIT2 , dear Aptos Team
I was glad to be a part of that journey!
Can’t wait AIT3 :rocket:

AIT2 map
My validator in India , Bangalore


Are you from India? How did you setup in India? Did you do that on your own PC? Curious to know👀

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I LOVE U VIKTOR))) thanks for the hard work


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Vps on Digital Ocean ) I’m Russian guy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I know you from Russian community. I wasn’t aware that Digital ocean gives you the Indian Location. Was deploying the node in India helpful?

Maybe only for decentralisation . My % of participation was very low ! But I made all updates at right time . At the end of testnet participation % down to 40%
Another coordinator do the same ~at the same time on the same machine and got 90+% , but his server located in London

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That’s sad. My node’s participation was even lower than yours.

Sad too ! Your location ?

My node’s location was Germany. Apparently, seems it is the issue with Contabo as well.

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I think it’s Contabo … Sometimes bad servers come across there

Yeah, most probably contabo should be blamed. I would suggest Hetzner going forward. It is expensive but at least you know you are getting something good.

Yes , Hetzner has Sky Lake CPU
They are recommended for testnet by the team ! Don’t get upset , for the next stage we already got good experience :raised_hands:

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Definitely! We were able to help out team in finding issues. That’s more than enough! No failure, only learning :raised_hands:

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Medium guide

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:rocket: :rocket:LETS F MOVE :rocket: :rocket:

:computer::floppy_disk::dizzy::ringer_planet:AIT3 :ringer_planet: :dizzy: :floppy_disk: :computer: