[AIT2] VerglL Validator

Hello Aptos Community and Node runners!!!

I am Illia from Ukraine. Have huge experience in crypto industry. Starting from 2020 interested in gaining experience of different ways of crypto: study of crypto markets, trading, node running, big knowledge in NFT markets and P2E games.

Behind a lot of projects that I’ve participated and in progress for the current moment:

  • Masa, Zeitgeist, Minima, Massa, IronFish, Celestia, Gear, SubQuery, Starknet, Humanode

Hardware for running Aptos:
AMD EPYC Processor 8 cores 2495.280 MHz
16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz
Connection 1 Gbit/s-Port

Twitter - https://twitter.com/vergil431
Telegram - @VerglL