[AIT2] vdsme validator

  • I’m Pavlo, the IT-man with IT education and a way long experience in dev, also was leading my own team. In crypto since 2017. Last 2 years was running a lot of testnets: NYM, NEAR, KYVE, Cosmos, Umee and others. It would be nice to join Aptos.

  • I’m from Ukraine. Ukrainian, Russian, English languages

  • Discord: pavlo#5565
    Telegram; @pavlom

  • I prefer node that fit size for your needs, so for optimized projects without high load I use: Digital Ocean, Contabo, Vultr, Hetzner VPS, VDS . If I need dedicated servers, I prefer Hetzner.


Желаю успехов в проекте!
В Хетцнере нет проблем с железом? У нас несколько раз какие-то непонятные глюки были и мы решили дедики просто покупать в собственность и ставить на колокейшн.

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Thnx, once-twice per year SSD fails on server, admin takes care about contacting support, RAID mirroring helps avoiding server down.

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@james thanks for support! I appreciate this

I’m thinking about tomorrow results. Would be really nice to take part in AIT2

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