[AIT2] VanGogh node

Hello, my name is Paul.

In a large stream of new blockchains, Aptos compares favorably with both the team and the vision. So far, everything suggests that the project will win over a good market share (with a successful launch). I can’t help but be interested)) I also watched Diem, so I follow the team’s further projects) And if I manage to be useful, it will be cool)

Participation in stages AIT2, AIT3 and AIT4 is a pattern for me. It’s a cool experience that I need right now. Moreover, there are literally several topical projects to which I have close attention, Aptos is, of course, one of them.

I participated in the testnet Arcwey, Kujira, I continue to work in StarkNet, Paloma. I study programming languages, I am interested in C ++ and Python. I also started to study MOVE, so Aptos is of interest to me.)

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Valar_morgul
Discord: VanGogh#8660