[AIT2] Validatrium - professional validator 🇺🇦

Hello Aptos Community :wave:

Validatrium is a professional validator, our team consists of 11 members, including 1 devops, 1 fullstack, 4 community managers, 2 tech team members, SMM manager, CEO and CTO.
Company is located in Portugal, team is partially in Portugal, other part is scattered around Europe
Supported languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Communication channels & links
Website: https://validatrium.com/
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @validatrium
Twitter: https://twitter.com/validatrium
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/validatrium/
GitHub: Validatrium · GitHub

Experience & Achievements
Over past two years we have set up 80+ nodes in 45+ networks, including ETH 2.0, Hydra, Kava, Polkdadex, Oasis, Kusama, Velas, BitSong, Centrifuge, Axelar, Evmos, Forta, Clover, Ki Chain, Umbrella, Sifchain, Lum, Near, Kava, Pontem, etc. (our projects are listed at Validatrium.com)

Validatrium takes part to benefit each project we are working with, we tend to create tutorials to support community with a step-by-step solutions on running nodes, creating wallets, using faucets, staking, setting up node health check notifications, etc.
Aptos step-by-step tutorial for node runners created by Validatrium (has monitoring solution with telegram bots)

Depending on the project, our team is always trying to find the best solution to engage community and create something special to ease process of joining the project and developing it.
Team is always ready to answer questions via discord, telegram, twitter, etc.
Validatrium has it’s own community channels, where we promote projects, share tutorials, and let our community know about any critical updates and contests.

We do support Web3 decentralisation, therefore we use professional Data Centers across the globe.
Our main locations are located in Europe, US, Asia.
Nodes are running on enterprise-grade dedicated server equipment to provide the best possible performance and uptime.
We use a number of monitoring solutions for our nodes (one of our solution was shared with Aptos community in tutorial listed in “Contributions” section)

Validatrium has rich experience in node-running, providing feedbacks, tutorials, helping to smooth-start the network, take active part in governance, spread a word with our community and always support our project with the best we have!

Thank you for your time reading our application :heart:
Please do not hesitate to upvote and we won’t let you down :dart:


Good experience, wish you become a validator) :ukraine:


thank you kindly! :heart:
you are very welcome to join or social channels (twitter, telegram) to keep up-to-date with new project launches and news updates across web3


I know this validator well, I can fully vouch for and support you!

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Extremely reliable validator, highly recommended.

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Thanks for tip with flag :slight_smile:

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голосу не ма вже, сорян, але вот комент :scroll: та лайк :sparkling_heart: залишаю залюбки!