[AIT2] Validator's Application by Ttk69

Hi. Briefly about myself: my name is Alex, I am a system administrator. In the crypt, I can characterize as an experienced validator / node operator.

I have participated in a large number of testnets, including: Moonbeam, Kira, Solana, Umee, Archway, Rizon, GEAR, Kyve, and many others…

On the mainnet, I validate Solana.

I work with various hosters, including Hetzner, OVHCloud, Contabo, VDSina. Previously used the services of Redfoxcloud, IONOS, Ikoula.

I have several dedicated servers (with Ryzen 9 3900|5900x / 64 or 128GB DDR4 ECC / 1|2TB NVMe). And I also have a number of VPS of various configurations.

my discord: Ttk69 | MMS#2993

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