[AIT2] Validator Winniepooh

Hey everyone) :partying_face:
My name is Tatyana.
I met Aptos Labs in April this year. I try to be helpful to the Aptos team in installing and supporting the node at the Devnet stage, and I really wanted to be near at the Testnet stage. For me it will be a huge positive experience to be involved in the development of such a large-scale project. Aptos has an excellent professional team that keeps in touch with the community at a high level, implements a system of grants and more than 100 projects in its ecosystem!!! This is amazing!!!
For a short time in the crypto industry, I managed to take part in projects such as Aptos, Forta, Subspace, Masa, Minima, Quicksilver, Sui.
Thanks to the Aptos team for what they create and for open voting, which once again underlines their commitment to the global development of the ecosystem!
I will be extremely grateful for your votes) :upside_down_face:
Discord : koorshevel#2623

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