[AIT2] Validator Vu Tran - Migoi

Validator Profile

  • This is Vu from Migoi Crypto. I’ve been in crypto since late 2017 till now. Our community is running node for couple project like Forta, Aptos, QuickSilver, Celestia (devnet & testnet)…
  • I’m also managing MiGoi Crypto community. I will assist Aptos further and share more valuable content about Aptos to our members.
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/migoi
    Telegram Channel: Telegram: Contact @migoi_ann
    Language: Vietnamese & English

I would like to coordinate and support Aptos not only in testnet but also in long run.

Thank you.


Hi Vu Tran, ban Vote cho toi, toi se vote cho ban?

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I’m proud to be a part of migoi community , migoi also the first community bring Aptos in Viet Nam with full guide line for the testnet very appreciate about that

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Thanks for support :slight_smile:

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