[AIT2] Validator Vereevm


Hello, my name is Maxim Vereev
I am in the cryptoindustry for 4 years, tried myself in many directions, currently I follow 12 projects where I show my skills in creating articles, translations, creative content, and of course in the vision of nodes. I can create scripts, I know English and Russian quite well, I invested in some projects despite my limited wallet.

I am in Aptos since 19.04.2022, I would not say that I was an active user there but I was watching and waiting for such a great opportunity to be in your ranks as tightly as possible.

The project is #1 blockchain in my eyes and I have high hopes for it and would love to divert all my efforts to stick side by side with you like the Spartans did!

Special thanks to my friends who showed me this project!

At the moment my pc:
Processor: 11th Gen lntel(R) Core™ i3-1115G4 @ 3.00GHz
8 OZY - In 20± days I plan to build myself a better PC.


It’s good to know there are such good candidates