[AIT2] Validator vanish

Hi guys,

My name is Ivan and this is why I do NOT believe that I will be selected as AIT-2 validator.

  • I have more that 15 years of experience with both enterprise and startup software products and currently I’m VP of Engineering in a big company with over 5000 employees
  • I can dedicate a small team out of 5-6 engineers solely to AIT-2 and other Aptos testnets
  • I’m deeply involved in web3 since 2013
  • I declined 2 job offers from Google during the last 2 years

Having said that, I see that technically I can give to any project more than 99% of other candidates.
But with the same introduction none of the products selected me since September 2021.
Which makes me think that projects need only influencers, bloggers, and very very small amount of random lottery winners.

So I’m asking you to vote for me but I don’t think this will change anything)