[AIT2] Validator val37

Hello! My name is Yuri. I have extensive experience in installing, configuring and maintaining nodes - about 3 years. I am a crypto enthusiast, I love learning new things and sharing my experience.
I have worked and continue to work with Solana, XX Network, Desmos, Celestia, Galaxy, NYM, Joystream, Quicksilver, Uptick, IronFish, Casper, Moonbeam, Masa Finance, Hopr, Massa, Zeitgeist, Aleo projects.
I support the Aptos project and work with it from the very beginning. I want to continue cooperation with the project, so I ask you to vote for me.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Veniami29566566

You can always contact me through Discord and Telegram.

  • use the best servers
  • monitoring via Grafana
  • notifications via bot

You are highly welcome and that is great

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