[AIT2] Validator trustcontrol

Let’s be honest? :sunglasses:

We all want to create something new, learn how great projects are created and become part of them.
I am no exception, I also want to become at least a small, but part of a large project, help me with this!)

My name is Alexey, I live in Ukraine and I am an individual validator. It’s not very safe to work here right now, but I’m coping, giving my favorite thing more time than usual, because this is the only way to come out a winner.

I use different capacities, depending on the needs of the project, often these are:
AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X

Participated and participate in such projects: BitCountry, Ironfish, HydraDX, Penumbra, Moonbeam, Aleo, Nym, KYVE, Aptos 1, Seitgeist, Archway, StarkNet, Celestia, Subspace, Massa, Masa Finance, Forta, Evmos, Minima, Sei, Sui , Casper, Axelar, Solana.

Always glad to new communication through social networks:
Telegram: @trustconstol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexxmair

Good luck to everyone on the project!


:ukraine: let’s go!
Nice hardware by the way!

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Thanks a lot!

Adapt to projects.