[AIT2] Validator stolenkrown

Hello. My name is Mykola, and I am 21 years old. I speak languages such as: Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, and English.
I started validating various networks more than six months ago. I can boast of such achievements as: Mainnet validator of Evmos, IDEP projects. Kyve Network is still in testing mode, but there are not small chances to get into the active mainnet set.
Of the recent works, I have only one, and this is an article on how to connect to a snapshot on the Kyve blockchain: SnapShot KYVE Chain Node — Teletype
I will be glad to cooperate:
Telegram: Contact @stolenkrown
All good mood and good luck)

Hello. Yes, I know you, this guide that you wrote helped me a lot of thanks, because of this I will vote for you. Good luck)

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