[AIT2] Validator Slafi

Hello! My name is Vlad and I’m from Saint-P, Russia. I’m speaking on English and Russian, know some words in French. I’m PhD in design and information technology. In crypto space I’m from 2017. I was in The Graph ambassador program, Goldfinch flight academy, and others. I have been participated (sometimes win) in design and memes competitions.
As a node validator i have started in 2020. I’m using VDS servers in Russia and Holland, also i have dedicated servers in USA. In this year i have started to make my own server room on base intel i5 systems and at this moment already have 4 servers.
I’m Mina genesis member and have a node there at this moment. Also I’m NYM’s validator.
I am currently participating in IronFish, Subspace, Massa, KYVE, Starknet, Minima projects. I also have many other test networks in the past.
I will be glad to be a part of Aptos project.

Discord: Slafi#7815
Twitter: @e_nzil

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