[AIT2] Validator recruitabx


  • Hi, my name is Mykhailo (nick: recruitabx), I’m from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and in love with web3. I have experience in raising and in maintaining nodes/validators more than 2 years (examples: Solana, Mina, Casper, Nym, Evmos, Aleo, Ironfish, Masa, Massa, Minima, Axelar, Moonbeam, PolkaDex, AssetMantle and others). I use powerful dedicated servers from different parts of the world (USA, Europe, Asia). Please let me in AIT2 ^-^
  • Languages: English (B2), Ukrainian (Native), German (B1), russian (trying to forget)
  • Communication: TG: @Mister_Yspeh, Discord: Mister_Yspeh#5703, Twitter: @misha089
  • VDS CPU 10 cores / RAM 60GB / SSD 1.6TB