[AIT2] Validator Pusher

Hello everyone! Welcome to Aptos testnet and Good luck everyone!

My Pusher validator is from Ukraine. I have a great experience in development. Since I finished technical university, I’ve been working for several big companies as developer. Then I become a full-time node operator. Nowadays, I am a mainnet validator in Solana, Mina, Moonbeam, xx-network and others.
I have dedicated servers on Equinix, OVH, Reliablesite, Ikoula, Hetzner and my own bare metal at home.

Btw, I speak English, German, Italian. Ukrainean and Russian are my native languages.
I run Aptos node on machine with 6cores/32ram/1tb nvme. Hope to become a full-node.

Discord: Mix777#8846
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elitegranit