[AIT2] Validator purebluen73

Welcome Aptos.

  • My name is shaw, as a person who likes to learn and learn more knowledge, especially the node running part for blockchains to increase the security of the project. I want to understand more about the Aptos project. With owning a crypto community since 2017, I believe in helping and growing with Aptos in the future!
    Running a testnet node is a very important step to being able to deploy blockchain on the mainnet. I want to join to learn and give positive feedback for Aptos
  • Active Testnets:
    Massa, Penumbra, Ironfish, Starknet, Minima, Masa-finance, Subspace, Sui.
  • I like Aptos because of the improvements this blockchain brings like independent, safest and most production-ready blockchain in the world.
  • My Social Media Channel:
    Discord: shaw#2296
    Telegram: @purebluen73

I’m so excited about your project, Aptos!