[AIT2] Validator OLGA7

Hello! My name is Olga.

I have been involved in cryptocurrencies for over a year. I also have significant experience as an Ambassador for other projects such as Manta Network, SupraOracles, BreederDAO, Firefly, Koii, Axelar QQP, Planetquest, Goldfinch and more.
In several projects, I lead the Bulgarian branches.

I also install nodes and am a validator in Massa, Forta, Minima and others.
About my skills: I make various content (infographics, memes, gifs), including art content, translate and write articles, mount videos, install nodes.
I run my Medium blog, which hosts many translations and articles I have written. Here is a link to my blog: Olga7 – Medium
There are a lot of articles in my blog, but especially translations into Bulgarian and Russian.

My Discord nickname is Olga7#3035
My Telegram nickname is @bluecat7
My Twitter handle is @Olga58008361