[AIT2] Validator Oleksandr Mishchenko

Hello, my name is Oleksandr, I am from Ukraine and I’m in crypto since 2017.

In only one year, I gained a lot of experience by participating in many incentivized testnets such as: minima, kyve, masa finance and ironfish.

My native language is ukrainian but I can fluently speak english, german and ruSSian.
I would like to be a part of Aptos testnet, cause i think that this project has a huge potential in the future of blockchains.
I like the idea and the pace of its development. The network topology inspires confidence and confidence in the success of the project. I understand that this is just the beginning - the journey begins by working with a decentralized community to deploy a secure and scalable smart contract platform. One can only be surprised at the prospects of the project - from smart contract platforms to infrastructure and tools for developers, wallets and decentralized applications.

Here are some socials of me:
Discord- rowingboy27#4854
Telegram- @mishchenk

Will appreciate your votes
With best regards.