[AIT2] Validator ogpetya

My name is Petro and I am from Austria.
Currently I graduated (Master of Science) at Vienna University of Business and Economy (WU). Additionally, I already have an experience of setting up and running nodes for such project as: Graph, agoric, aleo, bitcountry, casper, clover, concordium, desmos, evmos, forta, frontier, hopr, ironfish, joystream, koi, kyve, massa, meter, nym, omniflix, polkadex, radicle, solana, spacemesh, streamr, vega. I love to share new technologies and I like to explain it in simple words. I would like to engage in the project and help the community as much as I can.

Languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian
My telegram @petyadmitriev
Twitter @PetyaDmitriev

Technical details: i use VPS and dedicated servers (8 cores/30 GB/800 GB) OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit) Location: Nuremberg
I will be grateful for your votes