AIT2 Validator Node Blockhain is worlwide

Hi, I’m a Young cyber security engineer living in West Africa Senegal
Been with crypto and blockchain since 2017 when I was in France .
I been deeply into it and start running nodes since 2019 and launch a channel in my country for crypto enthusiast so we can share our knowledge and benefit each other.
I think people in third country can also benefit of this ecosystem by running nodes secure the blockchain getting rewards , getting airdrops or good investing because transparency is much needed in Africa.
Started an Agriculture blockchain start up related with IA and Machine Learning in 2021. ( www.atdlands.nft )

Really want to secure the validator so I choose a VPS in UK

Location: UK1 Portsmouth [VPS M]
8GB Ram
Storage 400 GB and can increase

Please Vote for me.
Would really like to benefit
Crypto is global . Worldwide n

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