[AIT2] Validator Name: vinter_man

Greetings! My name is Serhii Vinterman I am a Ukranian :ukraine: crypto influencer with experience in several bear markets so that’s for sure :bear: Very happy to be part of AIT2 and hope to get the chance to be elected :muscle:

Started participating in the Aptos community since Early Adopter and kept a node in the developer network. (Oh, remember, we had roles that were later taken away :sneezing_face:). I found the project itself on Twitter, and then I thought that the idea sounds cool, but it would be cooler to see how successfully it is implemented.

:man_surfing: List of tech testnets I’m currently participating in: Aptos, Kyve, Ironfish, Massa, Masa, Minima, Forta, Humanode, Starknet, Subspace, Oasys.

I work every day, so you can see how I help the guys in thematic groups in the telegram @vindemure.

For the Aptos validator and fullnode, I use a separate server:
Intel Core i7-6700
64 GB DDR4
2x SSD SATA 512 GB
NIC 1 Gbit - Intel I219-LM

I would be extremely grateful to see your votes. Good luck to all!!!