[AIT2] Validator Name: nuralin

Let’s make Aptos grate!

I have almost a year of running node experience. For example, SSV, DeFund, Massa, Minima, Humanode, Kyve, Starknet. Also trying to participate in others, but they have limit per participants, as well as Aptos 1, in which I tried to participate, but lottery chances is not on my part.

I should to be chosen in Aptos also cuz I am high responsibility and running nodes even if it is not incentive period. I always give feedback about errors or other problems and help to other community if I know how to repair errors.
I am individual and rent dedicated servers on Hetzner for nodes. However, I’m participant of Trade Soul community room (TSCR), in which we have several nodes runner and popularize it in our community.

Thanks for your likes!