[AIT2] Validator Name: mrjw077

Hello Aptos community!
My name is Sergey. I have been working in the crypto industry since 2017. I have my own YouTube channel where a lot of guides on nodes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIJxoC4VqrVBI6VTjk93_Q , testnet and ambassador programs come out. My telegram from @mrjw777
I am also writing a guide to installing nodes on a medium.
I have repeatedly helped many people in solving their installation problems. Experience in validation for more than 3 years, during this time I have kept such nodes as Aptos, Aleo, Iron Fish, Nym, Masa, and many others


Cool, I wish you success


I wish you success and thank you for the great videos


Wonderful job Sergey! Wish you good luck


Dear Sergey, thanks for videos, i hope, you will continue your work

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good wonderful perfect

wish you best

Wish you success, it’s a great effort

Good, I wish you success

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Wish you the best of luck