[AIT2] Validator Name - LAPSKY

Hello friends! I’m Bohdan, I’m a professional testnets and mainnets validator. I live in Ukraine I have been doing this for over two years now. I am attentive and very responsible. I will be grateful if you vote for me.

My [AIT2] Validator Name - LAPSKY
My discord - lapsky#0418

Projects in which I participated:

Solana, Ironfish, HydraDX, Moonbeam, Aleo, Nym, KYVE, Aptos, Archway, StarkNet, Celestia, Subspace, Massa, Masa Finance, Forta, Evmos, Subquery, Minima, Penumbra, Sei, Sui, Seitgeist, Casper, BitCountry, Axelar.

I will be very happy if you cast just one of your votes for me.