[AIT2] Validator name: Kate28

Hi, My name is Kate and I am from China. You know China is not that welcome to web3 but still I think web3 is the future and I believe every web2 story can be rewritten in web3.
I am new to crypto world and I am a screewriter but kinda SOHO. I live in Beijing, China. I have some IPs and I am also writing a story for my son, tried to get it published.
Let me tell you how I came to this new web3 world. It was in 2021 that I accidentally installed an app called “clubhouse”, and one of the channel is about a group of smart Chinese people (most of them live in the Bay area) talking about Bitcoin and Dogecoin. That is really open my mind and I think if so many wise men have the same faith, I should follow them. So here I am.
I don’t have very strong technical background, but my friend is an IT and he helped me build this VPS to host it as a node validator. I think it would be a proof that I am contributing to the community.