[AIT2] Validator Name: gw_kiev248174

Hi! My name is Vladimir, I’m from Cherkassy
my login in Discord: gw_kiev24#8174

I am very actively involved in the life of crypto brothers. In many projects, I raise and hold a node.
Since 2021 I learned about cryptocurrency and was active in the community.
I monitor almost 7 servers, and I also run other nodes like Subspace, Gear, Sui, Minima, Massa, Masa Finance, Ironfish, Starknet, Supraoracles and many others and almost all testnet node events I follow. I am an active participant in many communities. I use only dedicated servers (8-64 cores) in Hetzner, Contabo.

Thanks to all! Have a nice day!

Nice, bro! Vote for you from our Community! :kissing_smiling_eyes: