[AIT2] Validator Name cagienode

Professional DevOps with over 5 years experience.
I actively participate in testing various crypto projects. For example, Celestia, Gear, Kyve, Masa, Massa, Quicksilver, Starknet, Stride, Umee, Zeitgeist. Arhcway, Umee and etc.
Also participated in the testnet of the Pontem project.
Participated in DevNet Aptos.
I provide all possible assistance in testing the development of projects.

Powerful and high-quality hardware ensures stable operation of the nodes.
I have a large number of servers with the following characteristics:
CPU 4-16 core
RAM: 8-64 GB
NVMe: 100 - 2000 GB NVMe

I provide almost 24/7 support.

Contact me
telegram: @thecagie
discord: cagie#7144