[AIT2] Validator Name:BlockPower


Company Name:BlockPower Capital

Website: https://blockpower.capital

Region: Singapore Language: English,Mandarin

BlockPower has been a trusted validator since 2018 and focusing on liquid staking and enterprise grade infrastructures. BlockPower is an user-oriented service platform, which will continue publishing different kinds of products to serve both mortgage users and project parties. We also have two fantastic lending protocols: dForce and Liqee.


BlockPower is one of the earliest participating service providers in Cosmos Network and Tezos Network.

Now we are working with:

  1. Cosmos Ranked 30 Uptime:100%
    2.Osmosis 3.JUNO 4.Tezos 5.Provenance 6.EVMOS 7. Celestia 8.Massbit 9.Klayton(BlockPI) 10. Archway

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BlockPower
TG Chanel: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Discord: BlockPower
Twitter:@Blockpower_cap https://twitter.com/Blockpower_cap
Medium:BlockPower – Medium

Aptos Articles: 【Network Introduction】Aptos. Aptos is a web3 startup that builds the… | by BlockPower | Jun, 2022 | Medium

Technical Details: Major Cloud Server

12 CPU/ 64 RAM / Storage: SSD 4TB /

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit)

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