[AIT2] Validator Lizka

Hello, my name is Elizaveta, in crypto since 2019 and I’ve participated in various incentivized testnets programs. I’ve been an active validator for cosmos ecosystems projects such as UMEE (Valoper adress: umeevaloper1tgcppsyh3up3rgujwkwhvm26wg230awy4p2y5z) , IDEP (Valoper adress: idepvaloper1me6frq9g6z2lz57llajuvsjvtj29xxrzualuqn), Archway ( Valoper Adress: archwayvaloper1pw3vvqh7ucr4uvvh5pcgxd84v5rm296k430kgd). An active validator for Polkadot ecosystem, I’m Subquery Network Developer, participating in SubSpace network (Testnet telemetry polkadot validator name: Lizka), Aptos Devnet Validator, Celestia Devnet validator (Valoper adress: celesvaloper1ckjxxtjfc9wcp6hjg3nfuvph3tkkgpaqaz3lds), StarkNet, Sui node runner. I hope that information helps and I will be able to participate in AIT2.