[AIT2] validator Liz

My name is Liz and I live in Ukraine, like traveling EU and living in different countries every year :slight_smile:
I work with a group of talented programmers, developers, crypto enthusiasts and I am considered an experienced node operator cause I participate in different devnets or testnets, also know docker and k8s (with helm) and helped them in launching projects.

I started running nodes about 3 years ago. Currently I have quite a lot of skills to run any type of validator or full nods.
Participated in different projects: Mina, StarkNet, Manta, KYVE, Porta…

I`ve been running a node on Aptos blockchain from the beginning of official devnet, applied for AIT1, now AIT2 and plan to participate in AIT3 and 4.
I prefer to use services of Hetzner and Contabo, depend on tech requirements.
Current configuration: 4/8/400, prefereable uptime 24/7.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.
My contacts: @Florest#2443 (discord); @volija2 (telegram).
You can write any time.
Your votes are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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голосу нема, пишу комент та лайк. Та підказка проголосуй за себе сама, вже буде +1 голос :wink: