[AIT2] Validator liber

Hi, my name is Sorey. I’m from Indonesia.
It’s been a year since i joined the crypto space, and there’s a lot amazing things i’ve been discovered in this space.

In this past year, i usually do a daily trading, grinding wl, and doing a research on some upcoming project. With the current market state, my friend recommended me to do something different. He introduce me about validators and how they got incentivized from a certain project.
In this past month, i’ve been participates in some projects as a validators such as Massa, Quicksilver, Celestia, Subspace, Meson, and Forta.

It’s a such pleasure to be part of Aptos community and contribute to the project.
If you have anything to ask feel free to hit me on :
Discord: Soreyシ#9198
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyRua

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