[AIT2] Validator lesya

Hello all! My name is Lesya. I have been supporting projects for over 3 years. I have extensive experience in node maintenance. Mainnets Solana, Desmos, Galaxy. Testnets Quicksilver, Uptick, IronFish, Casper, Moonbeam, Masa Finance, Hopr, Massa, Celestia, NYM, Zeitgeist, Aleo and others.

I have supported the Aptos node from the very beginning of the project, so I want to continue to work with the project and continue to contribute and help the community.

Vote for me.
Sincerely, Lesya.

My twitter https://twitter.com/Lisaali56420003

I use good servers with the necessary characteristics for the project. I monitor through Grafana and Prometheus. I set up notifications through a telegram bot. In touch in Discord and Telegram 24/7.

+1 vote. Vote for me please too. 🟧 [AIT2] 1Node