[AIT2] Validator k8ssss

Hi everyone,I’m moonly, I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency market for 2 years and have maintained and run nodes for a number of projects including SUI, KYVE, FORT, STARKNET, SSV. I’m a real life security engineer who specialises in conducting penetration tests against web2 and am also trying to learn about blockchain security testing. I like aptos so much that I have been trying to contribute to it, for example by doing some security tests on the project website without affecting the usability of the website and contaminating the data. But the team is still very strong in terms of security and I haven’t found any serious security vulnerabilities yet. In subsequent updates I will also continue to do some of the things I am good at for aptos. More often than not now I choose to answer questions about node deployment in the Chinese community, which feels good.
Technical details:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 - 3.8 GHz - 4 core(s)
  • RAM: 32GB - DDR4
  • Hard Drive(s): 2x 2TB (HDD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered @ 1Gbps

I hope people will vote for me.Thank you for your vote.


fully support~ fighting~

Thank you for answering our questions in the community

Have voted to you ~ gogo

Thanks for your voting.

thanks for your sharing, it’s helpful.
voted to you.

amazing experience, good job.

nice to have you here, voted!

thanks for your help in DC community, LFG!!!

Security is key in crypto project. Hoping you can make this world better.