[AIT2] validator ifir3

Hey folks! Glad to be here with you and ready to service!
30+ y.o. live in Ukraine.
Formerly game designer, software tester. Currently full time in crypto :upside_down_face:
Started my journey from mining Ethereum in 2019 on my rig and after some time I realized that should to go deeper :smile:

2 years experience in running nodes and validating for different projects.
Currently running Solana, Ironfish, Massa, Masa finance, Humanode, Gear.

I always keep an eye on the state of my servers and take it seriously.
Unfortunately I could not get to the first part of the test, Iā€™m truly believe that I can win this time.
Thank you for your support :muscle:

my contacts:
Twitter - @ifir3
Discord - ifir3#5650
Github - @ifir3