[AIT2] Validator genry#3225

Hi, everyone! :slight_smile:

I started with crypto in 2019 as a researcher and analytic of different new projects.

I am experienced validator/ node operator (for 3 years). Also I collaborate with a team of experienced programmers, DevOps with up to 12 years of experience, professional node runners, working with different projects. We run validator, full nodes in devnets and testnets for big projects: Aptos, SubQuery, StarkNet, Subspace, Celestia, Archway, Manta, Swarm, Juno…
I ran a node on Aptos blockchain in devnet too. I would love to get more experience to be part of AIT2 if be chosen.

I live in Ukraine and Germany.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Current machine configuration: 4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM /400 Gb, preferable uptime 24/7

For dev/test nets I usually use Contabo Hetzner, for mainnet it is Hetzner.
Communication channel: discord genry#3225, TG - @genry77