[AIT2] Validator Gary

I am Gary, a blockchain engineer, I once worked as a backend software engineer and DevOps engineer, and once maintained a lot of blockchain full nodes.

It is my GitHub account GitHub - garysdevil/ITNote: 计算机技术笔记:编程开发、系统运维、网络知识、安全知识 IT Note: programming\system_admin\devops\network\secure

It is my Grafana account, maybe you once used my k8s dashboard kube-state-metrics-v2 dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

I provide a Chinese deploy instruction (验证者节点中文部署教程) Aptos项目申请参加AIT2激励测试网教程–Docker方式部署验证者节点 — garysdevil

I am building my personal website garys.top

Vote me, Aptos to the moon!